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Hello 2nd Grade families! In the last few weeks we have been instructing and engaging students in a virtual school environment. These are extraordinary times and as we all work through unexpected circumstances we want to thank all of our students and families in advance for being partners in education.


2nd Grade’s Got Goals! As a grade, our main goal is to take teaching into a fully virtual environment and maintain 100% engagement among all of our 2nd graders! We may have some challenges, but we will support teaching and learning for all. To support this initiative we will focus on communication, engagement, empathy, motivation.


Communication: We have created centralized locations for communication with students and families. We are using SeeSaw and Class Dojo as our main communication hubs. Here we will provide assignments and notifications to the classes and parents each day, as well as reminders, and important messages from administration.  Teachers will also be utilizing Google Meets to virtually connect as a class or in smaller groups.  


Engagement: Each day students will log on to their Seesaw accounts and reply to the morning message. The children’s response is one way we will measure engagement and attendance. If your child is unable to attend remote learning for the day, contact the teacher immediately. Each and every day children will find their daily assignments in their Seesaw accounts. Teachers will be evaluating student work. Although our learning platform has changed, our expectations remain the same. Student work will be considered and feedback will be provided to your children. We expect the children to do the best they can, put forth effort in each and every assignment,and complete all assignments with the same quality as they would in the classroom setting. In addition to using Seesaw, our second graders have access to, and will explore various educational websites like Zearn, iReady, and Raz Kids. 


Social Emotional Learning:  Your teachers care! During this transition, it is important for teachers to address the emotional and social needs of our students. We have embedded Brain Breaks, Think Outside the Box Drawings, Character Education, Go Noodle movement activities, and breathing exercises within the weekly remote learning schedules.


Motivation: We can do this! Teachers will provide group and individualized support and feedback. We will celebrate their growths and/or successes, while also working with them through problems or questions they may have about the tasks assigned.  


We can all appreciate that this is going to be a big change and different experience for our students. There may be some glitches with technology and getting used to new routines. So, please know the 2nd grade teachers are here for you! We will work through this new experience together!

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Ms. Rodgers
Mr. Knecht
Mrs. Martino / Mrs. Maldonado
Ms. Garcia & Mrs. Garofalo
Mrs. Laffin




  • REMOTE LEARNING DAY - Election Day

    Students will NOT report to the building, it is a FULLY REMOTE day for all students!

    Robert J. Christen School P.S. 81
  • Thanksgiving Break

    Robert J. Christen School P.S. 81
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