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School Supplies

Dear Parents,

With such a unique school year fast approaching, planning for school supplies is difficult to do. As we await decisions from the DOE about what school will look like for next year, our teachers have done their best to plan for what they think the kids will need. These supply lists are not set in stone, but having them now allows parents to get school supplies ahead of time.

We are fundraising with School Tool Box again this year to supply our children and classroom with the supplies they need and at the same time supporting our Parents' Association. This is a great option for families who are self-distancing and avoiding extra shopping trips. This year, all supplies will be shipped directly to home. Since supplies are being delivered direct-to-home, this year there is an option to remove items you may already have at home. You can order through School Toolbox here.

If you prefer to get supplies separately, all the supply lists can be found below. There are no separate lists for accelerated classes this year.

Lastly, it is highly recommended that all students enrolled at PS 81 have an iPad for next year. This applies to ALL students regardless of whether they are doing split-learning or full-remote learning. The DOE will supply iPads to children who need them and do not have access to one. It is recommended that each child in the household has an individual device, rather than sharing one. If your child needs a device, please request one from the DOE as soon as possible, so that your child can receive it as quickly as possible. You can request an iPad from the DOE here. Our school is listed as: P.S. 081 Robert J. Christen (Spacing and periods matter.)

Your Parents' Association Board

Parents' Association Membership

Membership to the Parents' Association is granted to all parents and guardians of students at PS 81. We welcome everyone and work hard to support each other and the school. Please fill out the membership form so that we can learn more about you and keep you updated about events, fundraisers, and important information regarding the school.

Membership Contribution

In an effort to successfully support our student, teacher, and classroom needs, we ask that each family make an annual contribution to the Parents' Association. This year, one of our larger goals is to be able to cover the costs of the Art Residency programs that all of the PS 81 students participate in. These residencies include Henry Street Settlement, NY Philharmonic, Capoeira, Wingspan Arts, and the NYC Ballet. In total, these residencies cost about $40,000 a school year.  That breaks down to a cost of $60 a student. Compared to many of the private dance and music classes we sign our children up for, this is an amazing price per student. We ask that parents who can, contribute the $60 per student. We understand that this is not an option for everyone, and there are several contribution price options for families. There are also options for both one time contributions and automatic monthly contributions. You can spread this $60 per student across the year. That would be $6 a month for one child, $12 for two, and $18 for three children. There will also be opportunities throughout the year to help fund-raise in an effort to meet our goals.

 Art Residency Descriptions.pdf 

One-Time Contribution

Recurring Contribution Request