All About New Horizons!


Registration/Payment/Class Information

Registration brochures will be emailed (request to join our email list at and sent home in backpacks. Register in-person in the school lunchroom or place a completed registration form and payment in the New Horizons’ drop-box next to the security desk. Contact the directors (Ms. Quinn or Ms. Maher) with any questions or concerns (718-796-8965). Classes are offered from 3-4 p.m. and 4-5 p.m. Children enrolled in a New Horizons class may also sign up for a supervised Homework Hour (available from 3-4 or 4-5 p.m.) or for an Extra Hour supervised activity session from 5-6 p.m.). The fee for the Homework Hour and the Extra Hour is $13 per session.

Payments/Fees: One third payment is required at the time of registration. Make checks payable to New Horizons at 81 Ltd. We now also accept credit cards. A fee of $30 will be applied for checks that bounce. A $30.00 non-refundable registration fee is charged to cover snacks and security in addition to the registration and material fees. Our program qualifies for a $600 IRS childcare credit.  FOR PAYMENT PLAN PLEASE SEE A DIRECTOR.

Class Sizes/Cancellation Policy: Classes generally range in size between 6 and 14 children. If fewer than 6 sign up, it may be cancelled, and a transfer or refund offered. No refunds will be issued after classes have been in session for 2 weeks; transfers can be arranged within the first 2 weeks. Cancellations of New Horizons will occur when P.S. 81 is closed (as scheduled or for inclement weather or an emergency).

Drop-off/Pick-up: Children in grades K-2 will be picked up by staff members at school dismissal and transported to cafeteria for snack. Children in grades 3-5 go on their own directly to the cafeteria after class dismissal. Parents must pick their children up at the school's security desk and sign them out then.  Prompt pick-up is expected. A late fee of $5 for every 15 minutes will be charged when children are picked up after their scheduled dismissal. A notice that specifically outlines the New Horizons’ lateness policy is available upon request and repeat offenses will be handled at the discretion of the Program Directors.

Disciplinary Procedures

New Horizons @ 81 Ltd. adheres to the Discipline Code outlined in the NYC Department of Education’s Citywide Standards of Discipline and Intervention Measures. New Horizons aims to facilitate a positive after-school climate where each student feels safe and secure; where faculty and staff agree on general principles of discipline within a framework of progressive discipline; where parents are kept informed of their child’s behavior and are encouraged to support the school’s decisions; and where all students are provided with opportunities to grow in personal and social development and, if they are involved in a discipline concern, are given due process as follows: 1st infraction: student removal from classroom and parent/guardian notified. 2nd infraction: parent/guardian, teacher, and Program Directors meet to discuss the issue and a one-week suspension from the program; 3rd infraction: student expulsion from the program without a refund and no re-enrollment for the remainder of the year.


Parents who register their children in New Horizons @ 81 Ltd. accept full responsibility for placing their children in the program and release New Horizons @ 81 Ltd., its employees, staff, and directors from any liability arising from participation in the after-school program. Parents must notify the Program Directors of any allergies or special concerns.


Here is the Registration form:  Registration Form.pdf